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George Russell managed to keep Lewis Hamilton behind through the entire 4 hour race today and finished second.

How can anyone think the war on drugs is a good thing is beyond me.

If you lock a dealer up, it will not affect the demand for his goods. Meaning there will be a profitable gap on the market, creating an incentive to start selling to fill the gap.

So by locking one dealer up, you end up with two. One locked up, and a second one covering for the first one.

Not to mention ruined health of users from the cut street stuff and stealing to afford high street prices.

Congratulations, I guess.

I like that it's starting to be talked about that the modern day holocaust going on in North Korea is only possible due to China funding it.

Congratulations to @Mastodon for becoming a non-profit organisation!

A collection of common configurations for Neovim's built-in language server client.

Greetings visitor! ✌️

If you're reading this writing, your adventures have led you to my Mastodon account.

Spend your time here wisely. 🙂

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