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Late Night Blues 

@blueberry Yes, mr. Sugarcastle. Very punchable fella indeed.

@djsumdog @xianc78 @dubh It's like a heavy backpack. If you have it on your back from time to time, it's fine. If you have it on your back too often, your back will start to compensate and get deformed.

Taking care of having a healthy and strong enough back for the backpack (or head for cannabis) is also important.

Btw, you might be on edge because you're overworked if you're doing more than you are used to. Could not be cannabis related at all in that sense.

@djsumdog @xianc78 @dubh It's relatively safe for most people if you don't start too young and don't overdo it, I'd say.

For lungs, just vape flowers well flushed from nutrients..

The most important thing is to have time to recover between sessions (at least couple of days, but weeks is better) so that your brain won't forget how to function normally without it. Otherwise it will fuck up your life. Though, the damage is still less severe than with alcohol, benzos or coke that are comparable.

@djsumdog So the people screaming for censorship ended up censored?

Seems about right.

Late Night Blues 

@blueberry Don't waste punches on walls. There's plenty of people suitable for that.

@h4890 @thedesertlynx But what I was mainly talking about is those kind of "statist" vs "libertarian" flame wars that basically degrade the whole thing to an "android" vs "ios" level.

That doesn't help anyone, really.

@h4890 @thedesertlynx So I think libertarianism requires the least amount of compromising. For me it's about doing what fits your preference. Whether it's choosing the comfort of using an existing solution, or the freedom of creating your own.

The difference for me is having the choice on the individual level.

That's why I don't see a point in demanding any act or behaviour from people in the name of libertarianism, unless it's about stopping some kind of oppression.

@h4890 @thedesertlynx Well, I had a few discussion with you when I had an account on liberdon, and I wouldn't say you're part of the issue I was talking about.

I'm currently happy to be employed as it allows me to work on OSS projects that I'm passioned about as a software developer and make a decent living. I can see how some could say that I could do better on my own, but I think it's all about personal preference and nobody can really tell if something else would be better for me.

@h4890 @thedesertlynx That's a great example of why I think it makes sense to criticise government programs even without proposing an actual solution. If governments are closing any window for such solutions, it makes sense to me to focus on that.

Even though I don't have a similar experience of starting a project like that, I still disagree with this happening.

@h4890 @thedesertlynx Actually, what I find kinda sad is the kind of libertarians that keep preaching what others should do and which way they should do it.

Not only it's contrary to libertarian values, but it turns people away from libertarianism. We are then seen as a bunch of angry online state-haters and people lose even the little interest they had in the actual thoughts behind it.

@h4890 @thedesertlynx Well, also if there's a gap, and that gap is potentially profitable, someone will fill the gap.

It's not like people would just pass on those opportunities waiting for a government to step in.

So what's needed is the de-monopolisation of government for this incentive to be present.

But I guess I'm just the annoying lazy libertarian without any actual solution to bring to the table. 😃

(I know I'm coming out aggressive, but the OP was kinda aggressively worded as well)

Mind control 

@urusan Conspiracy theorists will finally be able to feel peaceful. Cool.

@thedesertlynx @h4890 So a contradictory point to your point is part of your point?

I appreciate the irony of your post about annoying libertarians, but I'm afraid you don't fully understand libertarianism. You're against governments and you stopped there, I think.

I get what you mean, but I feel like your thinking is kinda backwards. You won't motivate anyone by telling them that they are lazy if they freely won't propose solutions in a free market that we don't even have in the first place.

@thedesertlynx You don't need to propose anything to participate in the free market. Every time you use money, you are participating. Doesn't matter if you're consuming or offering.

I don't see why you couldn't advocate for free market as a better approach without proposing a solution of any kind yourself.

As you said, it's about voluntary participation, so I don't understand why you'd push people into making proposals by labelling them lazy if they won't.

That seems against the point to me.

@thedesertlynx That kinda makes some little sense if the program would be in their field of expertise.

But even then .. what?

Not that the sentence "the free market will decide" isn't just a bark, but it comes from the idea that trying ideas in parallel is better than sequentially considering that most of those attempts will fail. So the criticism of the centralized approach is not that nonsensical to me.

Saying "you're the free market" is just as mad as saying "you're the state". My god ..


"Next iOS app ...."

"... what I’ll change the 'for iPhone' part of the app name, I don’t know"

Oh you know, you just don't know that you know. 😃

@floppy @urusan Oh. Now I see what you meant.

You're right! The "$@" works better for this.

I completely missed your point. Time for my morning coffee I guess.🙂

@floppy @urusan The $* (without quotes) and "$@" (with quotes) both work. So my function is correct.

Nevertheless, good point!

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