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@urusan Nice!

Annoying nitpicking tips follow:

I'd use $* instead of $1 so that the quotation of the command is not necessary and I'd make this a function defined in the bashrc for easier portability.

function execute_dir { for d in */; do pushd "$d"; echo "$d"; $*; popd; done }

I like that it's starting to be talked about that the modern day holocaust going on in North Korea is only possible due to China funding it.

@urusan @carcinopithecus If they wanted to give kittens away so early, that their mothers lactation becomes a problem then it's actually pretty sad.

I hope I'm just being overly negative.

@blueberry @AlohaPilgrim Depends on the person and relationship combination, I think.

I can imagine someone to slip and cheat once in a bad relationship, and then never cheat again. While with some people it's just about their personality.

On the other hand, I don't get why one would stay in a relationship if their feelings led them to cheating ..

I think it's too complicated to generalize it like that, though. It's really a case by case thing as everything.

@gatos @urusan I see your point, but I disagree.

Let's take arguments in a relationship as an example. Isn't it better to take time to think about the function of arguments and try to improve your strategy on how to approach future arguments to be more functional, instead of having the heated emotions in that moment as the only ground on which you base your actions?

Politics would be another example where emotional approach leads to socialism that is logically and economically flawed.

@blueberry Yes, they are. Don't worry about the enthusiasts.

Btw, as I was reading what other people had to say, I noticed you said you only had 4 options. If you meant with DO, you can use custom images as well. Those are usually provided somewhere on the distro website. I have Rocky Linux running there like that (just use the qcow2 image file).

Hopefully, I'm not coming out as annoyingly trying to be smart here. 😃

CSAM, Apple 

@LinuxLounge I know it's not that simple. But the more it will look like kids are protected by default, the less parents' knowledge there will be I'd expect.

@blueberry I always run out of characters and try to make it shorter. I'm not sure if I'm still making sense. 😀

@blueberry Not the same. Red Hat has an ''upstream first'' policy. Which means that changes should ideally go first to Fedora, then to CentOS Stream (which you can think of as a rolling pre-alpha release of RHEL) and then to RHEL. While it's not guaranteed that if you see a change in Fedora, it will be in RHEL or CentOS Stream, they are all done ''the Red Hat way''.

It's similar to Debian Stable/Testing/Sid. They differ, but all still Debian and changes bubble from sid to stable.

@blueberry While CentOS stream is the new upstream, it's still focused on stability and isn't as bleeding edge as Fedora.

This change lead to the creation of Rocky Linux as a continuation of CentOS.

So in Fedora, you have the latest and greatest, in CentOS Stream the latest stable greatest, and then in RHEL (or Rocky as it's clone) the most stable environment.

All three should provide a similar environment to an admin.

@blueberry Yes, Fedora is focused on workstations/desktops mainly.

Packages in Fedora are usually updated to the latest upstream releases right away.

Fedora is then periodically branched for the next RHEL release, which is released after the developers stabilize this new branch and the update policy is more stability oriented there after.

Recently, this changed to CentOS Stream being the new upstream that is being branched and CentOS as a clone of RHEL was discontinued. (...)

@eMarie I'd go for C and tried the refund as many said here. But if you really want to go, A makes sense to me as well. I wouldn't recommend risking getting in trouble over this with B.

I wonder how voluntary this change of terms was on the venues side, though. 🤔

CSAM, Apple 

@LinuxLounge Aren't systems protecting children called parents?

The responsibilty offloading trend is something I can't wrap my head around.

@blueberry Rocky Linux is cool.

It's basically a rebranded continuation of CentOS backed by people who were behind CentOS before the CentOS Stream.

You can also have a couple of RHEL machines for free now.

@blueberry I've tried Google, DigitalOcean and Hostinger. And I worked for a local provider for a while.

I'd say Google and DO are both the better ones (practically). What I wouldn't recommend though is Hostinger, where I didn't make it over the first month.

Glad you like your first VPS experience so far! :)

@blueberry Is that when you played around with certbot?

I replied to your other post because I set up my first droplet there recently as well and that's when I was also a bit shocked by the snap thingy .

What are your thoughts on DO so far?

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