@blueberry Oh! Filters!

I totally forgot I can expand my filters to block this as well. What a brain lag. Thanks!

@IronVeil @urusan My worry is that any additional regulation will just cripple the market even more. Which would lead to more side effects like Amazon being without competition. That would lead to more regulations. And you have a spiral of death. :)

@IronVeil @urusan Well, if Amazon wouldn't have the tool of government, it would have to compete even with potential competition if it wanted to keep it's dominance. The result would be similar.

Though, you are right that it's really far ahead already.

My question is, if it'd be able to get there if government wouldn't cripple the market for them.

Also, the inflation (prices up) is the government's work as well.

That being said, we once thought that companies like AOL will dominate forever.

@IronVeil @urusan Big companies use their influence on government to gain advantage over their (even potential) competition.

If there was more competition Amazon would have to compete with over employees, better conditions for them (workers) would be a natural consequence of it. That's why I'm stressing out the fact that it's their best option.

I really wouldn't count on nor would I want to use government as (a part of) a solution. But that's just my view on this.

@IronVeil @urusan Here I disagree. Poor people are getting more wealthy. Yes, it is true that rich are getting even richer and they are getting there faster. Poor people are benefiting from it too, though.

It's not a zero sum game. One getting richer doesn't mean other one getting poorer.

Also, they don't create poverty. They just don't help it as much as we think they could. Poverty is the default.

State is a big help for Amazon against competition. Competition is what would help here.

@IronVeil @urusan I'm not sure if government can solve this without negative side effects. Also, it's enabling Amazon's position as a side effect of it's other solutions.

To find a solution, I'd say we need to target the actual issue.

It's not that Amazon is acting like this simply because it can. It's acting like this because it's still benefiting both sides like this. For jobs like this not being worth it, new value/wealth needs to be created in the society - we need to work for it.

@IronVeil @urusan I agree that stuff like this is bad. My point is that even Amazon is still a good thing since for many people, there's no better alternative.

That is sad on it's own, but since poverty is the default state, complaining about it seems to me like complaining about rain - it's just the reality.

There's progress, though. Even the poor get more wealthy with time.

Amazon could do a lot more, true. But the little it does seems to be worth the trade for it's employees.

@IronVeil @urusan Just think about why immigrants tend to work jobs locals do not want to do.

You'd probably say that they're being abused by locals. Though, what is not a worthy option for locals is the best option for many immigrants. In fact, it's so good for them that they are willing to move to a different country for it.

So by offering this kind of jobs to them, you're not taking anything from them, you are offering an option that's better than all their other options.

@IronVeil @urusan Such a job being the best available option to you is different from you being forced into that job.

And I believe these people have more options. They just don't find them better.

@jwildeboer I can imagine a fax receipt with collectible value.

@IronVeil @urusan Nobody is forced to participate. Seems like it's worth it for everyone being part of it.

What's the problem again?

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Government is an overprotective parent for adult children.

@h4890 I didn't want to use these terms as they are sometimes associated with activities that I deem unethical (involves breaches of property rights). But yes, that's basically what I meant.

I also wanted to focus on the demand itself, rather than on the actual fulfilment of it via counter-economics.

For example, such demand is also a political one, and that has a potential for positive consequences as well.

@Gina This must be how the 'Hopsin - Kumbaya' music video was created as well. 😃

@h4890 If we're talking about living off of government infrastructure, then I agree.

I'm not sure if I'd go further, though. I think creating a demand for goods and services provided outside of government infrastructure is a better approach. Now it depends if such services would be considered as the grid here. As far as I understand, they would.

But as a political statement, I guess I'd understand.

@h4890 But wouldn't you reach that independence simply by stocking up on spare parts?

The off grid part seems unnecessary to me. You just give up whatever the grid could offer you in the future, not getting much back as you don't depend on it anymore since you have a backup solution.

With environmentalists, I kinda accepted that I will probably never understand some of them. :)

@thedesertlynx Now we ... buy more?

I see it just as a discount. But I don't live on crypto, I just buy regularly often not even looking at that number.

What did you have in mind? I don't remember what you are referring to.

@phryk Never read your intro.

I shared a lot of thoughts from your article before. Though, there are things that I'd see differently even then.

Nevertheless, it seems like life taught you a lot and you're not lazy to think deeply about things.

I won't pretend that I can be of any help here, but I wish you to get better and find that your suffering was worth it.

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