death mention 

Something I've noticed from multiple sources recently is a trend towards making death predictions/narratives that are way too tidy to be realistic the majority of the time.

Whether it's talking about one's own future death, the future death of a family member, or even predictions about the collapse of civilization, we often tend to be incredibly overly pessimistic about the prognosis and wrap things up in a neat little bow. Death will come and it'll all just be over with, clearly.

death mention 

I think this "tidy death prediction" bias comes from 2 sources:
1. Dramatic, sudden deaths are memorable, so we tend to forget all the drawn out, boring and messy deaths
2. We often just want it to get over with, even when we're the ones doing the dying, since there's suffering and anxious uncertainty which goes along with the decline towards death.

It's also pretty amazing just how resilient life really is, which can be surprising.


death mention 

@urusan Well, without death there would be no life. There would be just being.

Also, thinking about death is a hell of a way to start a day. 😀

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