So, at my work I use Eclipse and Java.

Something about Java development is that a fully featured IDE is essential to productively use Java. It's essential for making up for the bad design of Java.

The proprietary IntelliJ was the first to crack this way back in the day, followed shortly by Eclipse:

However, with every passing year, the Eclipse situation gets worse and worse. It's really pretty bad nowadays, representing a worst of both worlds.

What should I move to?

@urusan Isn't the community edition of IDEA open source?

The only other IDE I've tried for Java is Netbeans. Though, I haven't worked with Java for a long time (quite happily, heh).

@UncleAlbie That's true, IntelliJ IDEA CE is Apache licensed. Though it has some of the same issues as VSCode, even if I perhaps trust JetBrains slightly more than MS.

More importantly in my case though, I simply don't like working in it. I tried it out already.


@urusan True. One would think it doesn't matter that much when it comes to IDE, and then Github comes with their stolen code laundry system branded as Cockpit.

Well, as a neovim user, I have no IDEA what I'd use for Java myself now that I think about it.

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