What's more annoying than libertarians who talk smack about a government program, and when you ask them if they have a better idea, they just say "the free market will decide"?

Dude, that's you. You're the free market. Come up with something.


@thedesertlynx That kinda makes some little sense if the program would be in their field of expertise.

But even then .. what?

Not that the sentence "the free market will decide" isn't just a bark, but it comes from the idea that trying ideas in parallel is better than sequentially considering that most of those attempts will fail. So the criticism of the centralized approach is not that nonsensical to me.

Saying "you're the free market" is just as mad as saying "you're the state". My god ..

@UncleAlbie Except it isn't. You are a willing participant in the free market, while you aren't the same in the government (more of a victim).

Statist advocates are experts in solutions they propose, even if it's outside of their field of expertise. Free marketeers owe the same intellectual rigor. Sure, the free market could decide on a different solution than the one you propose, but come on, propose SOMETHING. Don't be so lazy.

@thedesertlynx @UncleAlbie This ignores the problem that the government usually stands in the way of solutions to the problems their programs are allegedly intended to solve. No amount of proposing will be relevant so long as there's a government to say, "Not happening." And never mind that your criticism is decidedly unfair. You can find plenty of solution proposals--none of which can be implemented because the government stands in the way.

@billblake2018 Not necessarily. First, other solutions can be proposed/promoted before a government program is even shuttered. Second, having some ideas on-hand is crucial "ammo" to actually shuttering these programs. Third, you can do parallel solutions and make the case even stronger, see cryptocurrency.

@thedesertlynx And I'm telling you, solutions *have* been proposed. Libertarians, in and out of think tanks, have all sorts of proposals. But nobody *cares*.

@thedesertlynx You don't need to propose anything to participate in the free market. Every time you use money, you are participating. Doesn't matter if you're consuming or offering.

I don't see why you couldn't advocate for free market as a better approach without proposing a solution of any kind yourself.

As you said, it's about voluntary participation, so I don't understand why you'd push people into making proposals by labelling them lazy if they won't.

That seems against the point to me.

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