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Nice. Now they are circumventing my filters by replacing letters with asterisks. 👍 😅

I'll reconsider commenting on local bus drivers, I think.

This is another level. 😶


The content warning thing is kinda counterproductive for me.

Whenever there's a CW like "Murder". My mind starts to iterate over many brutal scenarios that could possibly be described in the toot.

Then I click 'Show more' and it says something like "I feel so bad for killing a fly today."

Well, thanks for warning me, I guess.

Looks like project could use some help. Especially in the area.

Tempting ... Tempting ...

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Generally speaking, if you had to remove bolts to access something you aren't an expert on, you should seriously reconsider your present course of action.

It should be this easy on every distro.

TL:DR — `glsa-check -t all` checks if your system (any of installed packages) is affected by issues on .

📜 wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Security_


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