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Greetings visitor! ✌️

If you're reading this writing, your adventures have led you to my Mastodon account.

Spend your time here wisely. 🙂

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GREECE OUT HERE LIKE "flowers on my dick and bees all around" and MEANWHILE IN PORTUGAL "I'm pooping on this"

cardboard ducks, frostbitten onions, and my personal favorite "it hurts me in the lighthouse" (but I cannot tell what country that is because it is too crowded)

hahahaha I love this world sometimes

Please, take this just as my personal experience and always measure your risks yourself, but I wanted to share that I have a very positive experience with Bisq so far.

If you're familiar with cryptocurrencies enough to know what you're doing, Bisq is definitely worth checking out.

I have nothing to say, but here are some words anyway.

Btw, people aren't stupid. They are just lazy to think.

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Work has commenced on Mastodon for Android with @grishka and @lickability 🙂

Restaurants create content for food delivery platforms and clients pay those platforms for that content.

You are the customer of food delivery platforms.

Users create content for social media platforms and advertisers pay those platforms for that content.

You are not the customer of social media platforms.

Understand that before you complain about mainstream social media, please.

Wonder what does an actual Log4J attack look like?

I wrote a breakdown of an attack performed on one of my systems.

Attackers shell scripts I was able to fetch are included in a detailed description of the whole process and tools used to perform the attack.

So many people disclosing their timezone today.

Samoa and parts of Kiribati are in the world's farthest forward timezone, which is 14 hours ahead of UTC, putting them at the same time as Hawaii except the date is one day ahead. This means that when it turned Friday in Samoa and Kiribati, it was still Wednesday in places like American Samoa.

Just binge listening to Darknet Diaries. Thought I'd post a recommendation here.

If you like , and , give it a try!

Darknet Diaries
EP 104: Arya

"Arya Ebrahami has had quite a personal relationship with darknet marketplaces. In this episode you’ll hear about his adventures on tor."

What a nice present from Lex. :)

Peter Wang: Python and the Source Code of Humans, Computers, and Reality | Lex Fridman Podcast #250

This is a Ruby program that generates Rust program that generates Scala program that generates ...(through 128 languages in total)... REXX program that generates the original Ruby code again.

Just in case you didn't know already:

Adding your Linux user to the 'docker' group allows the user to do this:

docker run --rm -ti -v /:/hostRoot:Z fedora /bin/sh -c 'chroot /hostRoot /bin/bash'

No sudo password required.

Being in the 'docker' group basically grants root access to the user.

You can check user groups with the 'groups' command.

🏁 The championship will be decided this weekend with points leveled for both drivers! 🏁

Join the Formula1 @matrix room and share these historic moments with others! 📣

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After a review of Proton’s social footprint, we’ve decided to refocus our efforts into fewer channels where we can give our 100% to serve the community with relevant content, updates about the #protonsuite, and our take on breaking privacy news.

Stay connected with us via Twitter

This account will no longer be monitored by the Proton team.

Thank you again to our community for your support!

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